Experience a new understanding of Toledo's rich history

Bus Tour: Glass City Garters, Gambling, Gangsters and Gin explores Toledo's notorious past

Join one of our new bus tours exploring the history in Toledo of gangster battles, gambling, rum running, and prostitution in the first part of the 20th century. We'll explore the history of Toledo becoming a haven for gangsters from other cities, how Toledo was key in bootlegging, and why prostitution was legalized!
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Visit the Toledo History Museum - Admission is free!

Hittin’ the Town: Glass City Garters, Gambling, Gangsters and Gin Bus Tour (13abc.com)

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Toledo played a major role in the development of the auto industry

The “Wagush” Dugout Canoe is back on display

After being on display at the National Museum of the Great Lakes, the canoe is back on display at the Toledo History Museum. Click here for more information.

Toledo's Million Dollar Robbery

Written by Lou Hebert, the true life story behind one of the biggest Post Office robberies in history. And, it happened in Toledo. Click here to read.

Learn About the Uniqueness of the Old West End

As we look forward to the 51st annual Old West End Festival learn more about the history and culture of this premier Toledo neighborhood in this audio interview with Associate Professor of History at BGSU, Douglas Forsythe. Click here to listen.

History of the University of Toledo

London Mitchell's podcast interview with Barbara Floyd on her in-depth book on the history of the University of Toledo. Click here to listen.

Baseball is part of the heart and soul of Toledo, Ohio

Early History of Radio Dispatched Policing in Toledo

Did you know the first successful test of dispatching police vehicles by radio happened in Toledo in 1921? Follow this link to read the story about another first for Toledo.

Was a “Death Ray” Invented in Toledo??

Here is the story of a man they called Toledo's "radio wizard" written by Lou Hebert. Click here to read.

TV interview highlights Glass City Garters, Gambling, Gangsters and Gin bus tour