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Books for Sale

The Toledo History Museum offers a variety of books featuring local authors and Toledo stories.  All books are available at the Museum during normal visiting hours and they can be purchased online via our PayPal store.

Title, DescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Toledo Profile by Tana Porter Mosier $8.00
Time After Time, Local History Department, TLCPL $8.00
Point Place Just a Few Years Ago by Ken Dickson $12.00
Travels with the Grandkids by Ken Dickson $10.00
 Teasingly Yours: The Queen of Burlesque by Ken Dickson $20.00
Thus Fell Tecumseh by Frank Kuron $21.95
Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo (Second Edition) by Terry Shaffer $25.95
Day by Day in Toledo by Lou Hebert $22.00
East of the Maumee River by Larry Michaels & Ron Mauter $15.00
A Boy’s Journey Through the Great Depression by Jack Paquette $18.69
Blowpipes by Jack Paquette $22.94
Small Town Girl by Jack Paquette $19.99
The Glassmakers, Revisited by Jack Paquette $19.99
Toledo’s Woodlawn Cemetery by Rebecca Visser & Renee Jayne $21.99
In Search of Our Past: Women of Northwest Ohio by Women Alive! Coalition    
Set of 9 volumes (vol. 1 & 3 sold out) $36.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 1: Sold Out    
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 2: Margaret M. Anderson; Emma Ashley; Amanda F. Baxter; Mother M. Bernardine; Emily St. J. Bouton; Mary F. Crosby; Dr. Sara Davies; Sara R. Foley;Olivia B. Hall; Maude W. Henry; Mary S. H. Hold; Frances D. P. Jermain; Nettie P. Ketcham; Rose La Rose; Florence S. Libbey; Josina J. Lott; Martha F. H. McKesson; Ella Mollenkopf; Katherine C. Murphy; Charlotte Secor; Kate B. Sherwood; Grace E. Smith; Ada D. Stephens; Toledo Writers’ Club; Sweet Breeze Wells; Marjorie M. Whiteman; Mary Ann W. Wolcott. $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 3: Sold Out    
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 4: Frances A. Belcher; Harriet W. Daniels; Grace R. Dean; Georgette L. Engler; Josephine Fassett; Katharine Geddes; Leone Hineline; Agnes Jackson; Helen L. B. Jones; Sara Kaufman; Rose Mary B. Locke; Rosa Morgan; Edna E. Sharritt; Jung See Sing; Margaret Slater; Marian, Mary & Caroline Smead; Dorothy Stanbery; Dorothy Strouse; Sister Mary Lawrence Wilson; Nackie Wright. $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 5: Eliza Bidwell; Rebecca A. Binkowski; Mariam C. Canaday; Ethelyn C. Cates; Molly O. Godwin; Helen M. Hart; Anna C. Mott; Etta G. Randall; Ardella L.Reed; Edna B. Rowe; Pauline P. Secor; Julia R. Seney; Frieda H. Sfakianos; Alzina P. Stevens; Evelyn Weiher; Elizabeth F. Wittaker; Mamie L. Williams; Nackie Wright (updated from v. 4) $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 6: Fanny Allen; Victoria Cadaract; Madonna M. Corrigan; Ruth C. Fox; Edith H. Gabriel; Aurora Gonzalez; Elizabeth Gould-Hochman; Lucy Hayes; Gladys H. Hibbert; Caroline B. Jobst-Reimann; Eleanor M. Kahle; Inda W. Fornoff-Kneeshaw; Seiko McCann; Florence F. Miller; Catherine B. Navarre; Sofia A. Quintero; Lillian D. Reuben; Gladys L. T. Sanders; Margaret & Daisy Semple; Virginia S. Stranahan; Betty H. Timko; Alta B. Webb. $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 7: Nellie Dickerson; Fern Dickey; Bettye R. Kay; Cordelia Martin; Penna Miller; Rose M. P. Reder; Mariellen Vorderburg; Lois A. Waffle; Lois M. D. Zeluff. $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 8: Nida P. Bell; Marge Block; Lulu T. Gleason; Margaret Heising; Gladys J. Herron; Lois M. Nelson; Virginia Oravecz; Freda F. Smith; Catherine Todd; Leona Wilkinson. $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 9: Esther E. Gorsuch; Mary Beth Hayward; Sarah Hines; Elizabeth Hume; Mary Law; Lighthouse Ladies of Western Lake Erie; Ina D. Ogdon; Isabel S. Rorick; Katherine E. Wemmer. $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 10: Elizabeth L. W. Booker; Veronica M. Cottingham; Hazel J. Harbauer; Odessa, Eunice & Faye Love; Hazel V. D. Marshall; Betsy A. Kellogg; Mabel E. Hovey; Lola V. Merrell; Irene, Helen & Evelyn Dunn; Ada M. Jacob; Marjorie M. S. Druschel; Wilma Watkins; Ella N. P. Stewart (reprint from volume 3). $5.00
Women of Northwest Ohio Volume 11: Mildred W. Benson; Betty Jo Carstensen; Edrene B. Cole; Joe Ann Cousino; Jane Forsyth; Samantha M. Y. Sherwood; Roxea H. Rice; Edna F. Crisman; Ruth A. Campbell; Dorothy W. Biddle; Vashti H. Seaman; Rosabelle C. Krauss; Dorothy L. D. Dailey; Vernadene V. Brockhoff; Joyce “Snowfeather” Mahaney; Margaret “Rusty” Monroe; Helen O’Connell; Ottabee Simms; Virginia G. B. Wiezbicki. $5.00


Women of Northwest Ohio