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v.1#1 (March 2007)
"The Reverend Perry H. Baumann and the Battle of Fallen Timbers,” by James C. Marshall
"Mastodons in Lucas County,” by Kennth R. Dickson
"Paul Bettinger, Landscape Artist,” by Donna Christian

v.1#2 (June 2007)
"Honoring the Honorable O’Brien O’Donnell,” by Ona Russell
"Before Jackie Robinson – Setting the Record Straight,” by John Husman
"DeVilbiss Perfume Atomizers,” by Marjorie Waterfield
"We Heard It Here First – 100 Years Ago: The Dawn of Radio,” by Seymour Rothman
v.1#3 (Sept. 2007)
"The Near-Battle of Fort Miamis,” by Sarah E. Miller
"Pearl Arthur Barber: Scholar, Gambler, World Traveler,” by Kenneth Dickson
"Alvin Woolson: Father of the Advertising Card,” by Marjorie Waterfield
Original Documents: Jesup Wakeman Scott’s Speech, 1842, part 1
v.1#4 (Dec 2007)
"Four Toledo Captains and a Flotilla of Ships,” by Kathy Covert Warnes
"WSPD Radio in the 1940s,” by Marjorie Waterfield
"Wood County Historical Center & Museum,” by Christie Raber
Original Documents: Jesup Wakeman Scott’s Speech, 1842, part 2
Letters: Toledo-Adams Township
v.2#1 (Mar. 2008)
"The Bells of St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church: 150 Years of Toledo Music,” by Kathy Covert Warnes
"Church Records: A Research Asset,” by Richard Baranowski
Museum Review: The German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven
Original Documents: "Sunday Afternoon Street Rides of Long Ago and Other Memories,” by Harold J. Sherman
v.2#2 (June 2008)
"Dream Team: Toledo’s 1953 Sox,” by John Husman
"Scene of Violence, Fit of Frenzy: How the Mayor’s Daughter Eloped,” by Alan Borer
Original Documents: Cholera &c Paper Read before Toledo Med[ical] Association, 1868 by William W. Jones, M.D.
"White Tower Restaurants,” by Michael Drew Shaw
v.2#3/4 (Sept./Dec. 2008)
Original Documents: Autobiography by Frank J. Scott
Book Review: Kenneth R. Dickson, Something for Nothing
Book Review: John & Sandy Husman, ed. You Will Do Better in Toledo: From Frogtown to Glass City (from the postcard collection of Ken Levin)
v.3 (2009)
"Joseph L. Tillman: An Early Industrialist and Civic Leader of Toledo,” by Marjorie Waterfield
"A Toledo Stamp Story,” by James C. Marshall
"Oral History,” by Richard Baranowski
"Toledo’s Bayou,” by Thomas Glassmoyer
Toledo Map, 1868
"Searching for the Miami and Erie Canal,” by Thomas Glassmoyer
Original Documents: Manhattan Branch, Miami & Erie Canal
"Who is This Guy, Harrison, of Harrison Rally Days?” by Clint Mauk
"Ohio’s First Baseball Game: Played by Confederates and Taught to Yankees,” by John Husman
v.4 (2010)
"Swan Creek and the Miami & Erie Canal: A Photo Essay,” by Fred Folger
"The Glassmakers Revisited: A History of Owens-Illinois, the Beginning, 1888-1930,” by Jack Paquette
"Oral History: Dan Rowand,” by Richard Baranowski
"Ty Cobb and the Mud Hens Beat Babe Ruth,” by John R. Husman
Reprints: Charter and By-Laws of the City of Toledo, 1837
v.5#1/2 (Mar./June 2011)
"The Anthony Wayne Trail Tanker Explosion,” By Thomas Glassmoyer with Jeff Knapp
"Toledo’s Dynamite Explosion,” Typed by Gayleen Gindy
"Honors at Chickamauga,” By Clark Waggoner
"Unwritten History,” Cincinnati Enquirer, January 27, 1882
"Honors at Chickamauga, a Reply,” Cincinnati Enquirer, February 6, 1882
"In Honor of Gen’l. James B. Steedman,” Toledo Soldiers Memorial Hall
Review: "Old Steady: The Role of James Blair Steedman at the Battle of Chickamauga,” Northwest Ohio Quarterly, (Spring 1950), pp. 72-94, By Dale Benington
"Seligman Brothers,” By Robert Dietsche
v.5#3/4 (Sept./Dec. 2011)
"Perrysburg’s Civil War General,” By Richard Baranowski
"From Snake Oil to the Ruptured Duck,” By Donald R. Adams
"The Auto-Lite Strike, Toledo, Ohio, 1934,” By Marjorie Waterfield
"Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, 1986-2011,” By James C. Marshall
"Toledo, Its Early History,” Transcribed by Gayleen Gindy
"Ketcham’s Coat, By Edmund Vance Cooke
"Toledo’s Future Water Supply,” By A. H. Smith
Original Documents: "Letters from A. R. Ketcham to Daniel Segur” and "Report of Committee on Water Supply”
v.6 (2012)
"Western Avenue Methodist Church,” By Marjorie Waterfield
"Toledo’s Day in the Sun: an Account of the 1919 Willard-Dempsey Prizefight,” By Willis Stork
"Washington Township: From Industry to Homes,” By Thomas Glassmoyer
"The Magic of Summer Nights in Auburndale around the Burn Barrel,” By Thomas Glassmoyer 17
"Lighthouse Keeper Harrison Haynes, West Sister Island, Ohio,” By Martha A. Dykes
"Beneath Promenade Park: Toledo Fireman Captain James Fraser,” By R. Douglas Tracy
"Sergeant John Jacob Nohl,”
"Col. Wm. Dudley’s Defeat Opposite Fort Meigs,”
"Oration of Cassius Marcellus Clay Before The Maumee Valley Historical & Monumental Association, of Toledo, Ohio,”
"Speech of Hon. Isaac R. Sherwood of Ohio in the House of Representatives, March 2, 1911,”
v.7 (2013)
"They Loved to Share Their Wealth,” By Jack Paquette
"‘The Garden of Eden,’ Toledo, Ohio 1915 – 1955: A Religious Shrine or a Giant Hoax?” By Marjorie Waterfield
"John Gunckel, 1846-1915,” By Renee Jayne
"WWI Hero, Sergeant York Battles On: Defends Prohibition in Perrysburg Speech,” By Richard Baranowski
"Rediscovering Toledo’s Not-so-Hidden Past,” By Thomas Glassmoyer
"Toledo’s Press Coverage of the Emancipation Proclamation,” By Bruce Way
"Michigan Boundary History,” By Donald R. Adams
Reprints: The Mott Houses and The Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation